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Airsoft Pistol Reviews

Airsoft Pistol Reviews

Airsoft pistols are great backup weapons in airsoft games. They are beginners' favorites for target practice but also play an important part in closed quarter battles.

Airsoft pistols as backup weapons: Let's say you are in the middle of an airsoft game and something happens to your primary gun - it brakes down, it gets jammed, you run out of ammo and don't have time to reload, your battery runs out (or your gas)... that's a scary scenario! You need a trusty backup weapon to rely on in these terrible situations!
An airsoft pistol is the best choice as a secondary airsoft weapon. It is not expensive and it's easy to carry because of it's small size and light weight.
Bottom line is, if you want an airsoft backup, look no further than a trusty pistol.

Airsoft pistols in close combat situations: Airsoft pistols are meant to be used on targets under 50 meters so they may not be useful when running an offensive movement on multiple targets from a distance. But in close combat they are the best. Imagine you are playing inside a building, and you need to hide behind a piece of furniture, a bathroom vanity unit or behind a corner. What type of gun will help you remain unnoticed? I bet you there’s no room for you and your shotgun or sniper rifle to hide... In these situations airsoft pistols work perfectly! It’s small in size, easy to handle, point and shoot and you can hold it very close to your body.
So, in close combat battles nothing beats the size of the Airsoft pistol.

Airsoft pistols for the fun: These pistols are just fun to hold, light and well balanced. How about holding two semi-automatic airsoft pistols, one in each hand, busting out from behind your cover and firing at your unsuspecting opponents? If you need a visual for this go here
Yeah, there isn't a more glorifying experience than firing two pistols at your enemy, and they give you some kind of superpowers, believe me!

The airsoft pistol reviews here at are divided in 4 categories:

Spring airsoft pistols

Desert Eagle 44 spring airsoft pistolSpring airsoft pistols or springers are the cheapest airsoft guns on the market. It is the best option for beginers or those who don't want to invest much in an airsoft gun. A good spring pistols can cost even less then $25. Experienced airsoft players also take advantage of the spring airsoft pistols knowing that during cold weather when the AEG's and the gas airsoft guns do not function well, springers perform great.

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CO2 Airsoft Pistols

Crosman C21 CO2 airsoft pistolCO2 airsoft pistols use 12 gram CO2 cartridges to propel the airsoft pellets. These airsoft pistols have the advantage of being semi-automatic as well as being more powerful than other types of airsoft pistols. They can shoot the ammo at velocities over 400 feet per second, thus making them alot more accurate. CO2 pistols are a little more expensive than spring pistols, and you must add to that the costs of the cartridges, but if you need the best in terms of accuracy & FPS you must go with CO2 airsoft pistols!

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Electric Airsoft Pistols
Aftermath Stunt Police John-K electric airsoft pistolBattery powered, these pistols are equipped to fire either semi or full automatic.
Electric airsoft pistols have some great advantages over springers, like better rate of fire and shot distance. These pistols don't have to be cocked before each shot, shooting a lot faster than a springer. There's also no need to purchase, store and transport compressed gas or CO2 cartridges, which makes the cost of ownership of electric airsoft pistols cheaper than that of gas/CO2 pistols.

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Green Gas Airsoft Pistols
At the moment we have no airsoft pistol reviews for green gas pistols, but we will add some very soon!

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