UHC 1911 Airsoft Pistol Review

The new UHC 1911 airsoft pistol was released in 2004 and since then has proven to be the most reliable spring pistol UHC currently makes. UHC is known for making great performing airsoft guns and the 1911 is no exception. UHC 1911 is surprisingly accurate and has impressive range, perfect not only for target practice […]

CO2 Airsoft Pistols

Beretta Elite II - CO2 Airsoft Pistol

CO2 airsoft pistols use compressed carbon dioxide gas in order to drive airsoft pellets out of the pistol barrel at high speeds. Similar to the compressed air used in paintball, the compressed CO2 is contained in a canister that connects to the airsoft pistol through a valve. This valve is in turn connected to the trigger, […]

How to use Airsoft Gun Reviews to get a great deal on airsoft guns

We all know that finding a positive review on a gun can influence the decision to buy it. There are so many types of airsoft guns and come on, it’s impossible to know everything about all of them! What to do then? Look for some reviews. But here comes the trick:

How to hold a P90

Not sure how to hold a P90 airsoft gun? Below there are 2 videos, the first one showing how to hold a P90 with 2 hands, and the second one showing the P90 one hand shooting.

Cheap Airsoft Guns

Are you looking for some cheap airsoft guns? Here you can find not one, but 20 cheap airsoft guns, for less then $30! Cheap Airsoft Guns

P90 Airsoft Gun – Echo 1 E90 review

The long story about Echo1 E90 (P90) airsoft gun) made short: The P90 airsoft gun is a very popular but fairly rare gun, previously only a few companies made it. Echo1 is known for taking good airsoft gun designs, and requesting a specific run of that design with upgrades. The upgrades on this one include […]

Ever wonder why there are different weights for the BB?

Crosman Copperhead BBs

The different weights of the BB’s are suitable for different situations. The lighter the BB, the less accurate your shot will be. Use a heavier BB, and you can be more accurate, but at shorter distances. So, you need to decide whether accuracy or distance is more important to you in your particular airsoft game. Also remember, […]

P90 – The Real Thing

In 1993, Fabrique Nationale de Herstal began producing their ‘Project’ the P90, where the P stands for project and the 90 refers to the decade of production. The name ‘project’ implies something unusual, perhaps even strange, which is exactly what the P90 is. Most guns are long, thin, have a rounded barrel, trigger that hangs […]