Airsoft Gun Reviews by Airsoft Soldier It’s Saturday afternoon. A man is running through thick woods, breathing hardly. He’s being stalked. The man wears a camouflage suit and holds a AK 47. In the bushes, only 50 yards away, a teenager with a sniper rifle has the man in his sights. He put his finger on the trigger, looks through the scope fixing the man and fires. The projectile hits the man square in the chest. Instead of falling dead, he pulls out a white flag and says “Hit!”

It’s an airsoft war.

I run as I hold my p90 airsoft gun close to my body. A grenade goes off behind me, sending over fifty bbs flying in all directions. I duck into a trench just before bbs fly past my head. I look over to see a fellow team-mate. He is running low on bbs, so I give him some of mine. “Thanks, I would of run out if it weren’t for you.” he said.
“It’s nothing. I only need one to get someone out anyways.”

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