What is Airsoft?
What is Airsoft to YOU?

I wanted to write an article about what Airsoft is but when I tried to put down my thoughts I realized I will not be able to be very objective about this, because airsoft for me is much more then a simple sport, a hobby or something like that.

It’s more a way of living, it defines a big part of me. And then I searched the internet to see what others think about it, how they describe it.

Here is an awesome article I found and after reading it I decided to just point you to it, Aryan, the guy who wrote the article dis a good job at covering this topic.

What is Airsoft? « AR1U5’s Blog
Many who do play Airsoft games and many who haven’t even heard of Airsoft, have always asked the same question. What is Airsoft? I will try to answer in my…

Watch this video to get more about what airsoft really is…

And now tell me, what AIRSOFT realy is to YOU? (leave your comment below)

And in case you just needed the technical stuff, don’t worry, I got your back! Check this out:

ArniesAirsoft: What is Airsoft?
Airsoft is a product of the far East and is now available in the Western world. It has spawned a sport, a growing following, and an industry that spans several continents.

Airsoft is about Honor

A Facebook friend, Sampsa Pääkkönen, also added his comment about what this:

Airsoft is also good way to learn many things such as: History, engineering, gun-, social-, equipment- and food knowledge ect. It also motivates you to exercise, which is important when it comes to running, crawling, carrying many airsoft equipment etc. Let us not forget geography and ecology, it is important to know and respect the environment you play in after all.

This comment includes many of the probably unknown and never thought about advantages you get while playing airsoft, and I’m sure you got the picture that you will learn so much in such a fun way!

But also remember this: Airsoft is more of an honour game. You have to put your hand up and acknowledge you’re hit.
It builds character and respect. You can’t play if you are a cheater.
So, what is airsoft in your view? Leave your comments below!

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