The Double Eagle M82 is the full-scale replica of SIG 552 Commando carbine rifle compatible with 6mm BBs. It’s an electric airsoft gun (AEG), shoots at approximately 240 FPS with semi or full auto feature, and has a mag capacity of 40 BBs. Looks, feels, weighs, and functions just like a real 552 Commando rifle. Other features include a bullet loader, a foldable stock, an adjustable electric scope, a rechargeable battery and charger, and protective eye-wear.


Double Eagle M82 Quick Specs:

A little info on the SIG 552 commando rifle

The Original SIG SG 552 - Double Eagle M82 was made after this real rifle

SIG seems to have a little winner with their 552 Commando(the rifle’s full numeric designation is actually 552-2P). Just like all the other mini-assault rifles out there, the SIG 552 is designed for use in tight spots by special operators and air crew members.
What separates the SIG 552 from the rest of the competition is the engineered elegance of this little piece of lethal equipment. A number of very knowledgeable people in the small arms field have commented that the SIG 550 series rifles (all in 5.56mm) are probably the most beautifully engineered examples in their class. Swiss workmanship at its finest, and all that.

Back to the Double Eagle M82 Airsoft Rifle

Double Eagle M82 Airsoft Rifle
Double Eagle M82 Pack

On the Double Eagle M82 airsoft rifle everything is adjustable, and it is simple to use, but at the same time it can be complex.
You get:
– The Double Eagle M82 gun (actually durable and shoots straight, never had problems so far)
– A magazine that can hold around 40 BBs
– Mock silencer – shoots BBs upwards or to the right, better without it)
– Red Cross Sight with battery – great, you can adjust it precisely, but it is cheap so the dot keeps shaking
– Laser
– Flashlight
– Handle
– Safety goggles
– Sling – small and tight, only for travel use, not firefight
– Cleaning Rod
– A bag of 6mm BBs
– Rechargeable battery with battery charger included
– User’s manual

Why get the Double Eagle M82?

– Because this gun is extremely durable, and you can’t beat this one for the price.
– Has good accuracy and great velocity (around 260 FPS)
– It looks and feel real, it’s a great replica of the SIG 552 Commander
– Comes super accessorized

What others who already bought it say about the Double Eagle M82?

I love how every single thing on this gun is adjustable. I opened it up and put in a 315 FPS spring just today, even though I’ve had it for 2 years. I let some clumsy friends use it and gave it a couple scars, but after lots of abuse, the gun still works great…

says S. Cluff (Northern VA United States) »

It hurts more than I thought it would, it’s great quality. The only recommendation I would make is if you’re buying it as a gift get two so you have something to defend your self with…

thinks Jami Mason »

Where to get the best deal on the Double Eagle M82 airsoft rifle?

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  1. Man, I used to have a slug gun, that’s what we call them Down Under ;), but it looked nothing like that. They sure have come a long way. Even at 52 years of age I reckon I would love to own one of those if only I lived on some property where there was room enough to use it safely

  2. What a great stuffs. I use to have a licensed gun for my protection. We men need that right? By the way thanks for the review!

  3. Amazing gun really only good for close sirmishes but I’ve taken my laser apart and repaired it but I can’t figure out what kind of batteries it take. So does anyone know?

  4. It is amazing to see how realistic these guns are especially against the gun it has been replicated from.

    I am a keen airsoft enthusiast and go on many airsoft skirmish adventures and am always on the look out for a more powerful gun!!

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