Looking for some Airsoft Gun Reviews?

We all know that finding a positive review on a gun can influence the decision to buy it. There are so many types of airsoft guns and come on, it’s impossible to know everything about all of them! What to do then? Look for some reviews. But here comes the trick:

Are all those reviews you will find really useful? Are all of them honest opinions? Or just under covered advertising to make you throw money out of your pockets on some lame toys that will break or get stocked the first time you fire them? Or even worst, will your team mates burst into laughs only when you will show up carrying one of these “great deals”?

Airsoft Gun Reviews

Who writes those Airsoft Gun Reviews?

Did you think that all the reviews are written by mercenaries like me and you, who put passion in the game and know that at the end of the day the gun you are carrying is your only true ally? Men, then you are walking butt naked in front of a L96!

Those you are thinking about are called “costumer reviews”. Should you trust them? It’s your choice! I don’t always trust them if they are positive. Sometimes people (mostly newbie) get too enthusiasts when they buy a new gun much better then their first cheap airsoft gun got for $5. But if I find some negative reviews from more customers I tend to trust them.

There is another type of reviews known as expert reviews, but those are very hard to find.

And finally, the sneaky ones, the ones you should stay away from and not fall into their trap – bought airsoft gun reviews. There is this system where the manufacturer (or the seller if it’s a different company) of a new product pays a reviewer to review his new product. This system creates a kind of undercover advertising. Bought reviews obviously are biased, but exceptions may occur. It may also happen to find negative reviews that may be written by competitors, disgruntled employees, or anyone with a grudge against the manufacturer.

How to identify sneaky reviews? Well… you just use common sense. I personally consider „strange” reviews containing too much „poetry”. If a review looks like it has been written by a professional writer, chances are that the professional dude is more into the writing business than in the airsoft shooting business.

What is a “Great Deal” for you?

While looking for airsoft gun reviews you must also keep in mind that you may have different ideas on what “a great deal” means then the ones who wrote the reviews. What you want from a gun may not be the same as others are looking for. Everyone has his own priorities.

The 2 things that I look for in a gun are accuracy and quality. Quality probably is one of your criteria too. The others criteria must be chosen based on your own style. Maybe you look for guns with lots of bbs or batteries with high discharge rate… My advice is to choose your own criteria based on your style and only then begin to look for airsoft gun reviews.

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