Dragunov Rifles – some history notes

Dragunov Airsoft Rifle
Dragunov Airsoft Rifle

Dragunov airsoft sniper rifles are well known for their effectiveness and fire power. Historically, the Dragunov sniper rifle was originally designed by Yevgeny Dragunov as part of a contest on weapon design. After several field tests conducted in varied environmental settings, Dragunov’s semi-automatic sniper rifle emerged as the top weapon and went into production for the Russian military’s use in 1963. Specifically, the Dragunov weapon stands out with its very original design as it was not made for the use of designate marksmen instead of the specialized snipers. Through the decades, the Dragunov sniper rifle made an impact on the military operations in many countries as the standard squad support weapon. Along the way, the long standing military legacy of the rifle also made impact in shooting sports with a line of Dragunov airsoft weapons which remains consistently popular among players of the sport.

Dragunov airsoft rifles

Mechanically, the original Dragunov sniper rifle uses a short-stroke gas-piston mechanism to function (it was designed to be gas-operated) and its features include its utilization of a curved box magazine (ten rounds in capacity), the use of sniper cartridges for accurate firing, a two-piece wooden hand guard, a cheek rest for the user, and more. The rifle was also known for being relatively light for sniping use and because of this it eventually became the most convenient rifle of choice in any intense battle. More or less, these features are also present in Dragunov airsoft weapons and their functionality made them preferable among snipers. One of the most popular sniper rifles of choice is the JG AK47 Airsoft Sniper Dragunov SVD Rifle which users have described to be a very durable and accurate weapon. The AK47 is also known for its timing hop up system that helps its user realize the fly distance as well as maintain sharp precision firing.
Another notable airsoft rifle is the high-end AEG Electric Dragunov Sniper Rifle which is ideal for continuous firing and all the user needs to do is just hold down the trigger and watch the shots fire away with a true feel of power. To this day, the notable features and design of the original Dragunov sniper rifle remain strongly relevant among Dragunov airsoft users and airsoft players in general.

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  1. This model closely resembles the real model in appearance and feel. Made with Precision Aluminum Alloy and high impact ABS plastic, it is so well built that there is hardly any body creak or wobble.

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