6 Amazing Airsoft Pictures

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I always thought good photos were like good jokes.  If you have to explain it, it just isn’t that good

– Anonymous
Here are 6 amazing airsoft pictures that need no explanation, but each tells a story:

WallRun With Airsoft by Soulkreig

WallRun With Airsoft by Soulkreig

My Airsoft 4 by Karas77

My Airsoft 4 by Karas77

Ballahack Airsoft V 11APR09 by Steave

Ballahack Airsoft V 11APR09 by Steave

Airsoft 3 by sexyyoda

Airsoft 3 by sexyyoda

Airsoft 1 by samloeschen

Airsoft 1 by samloeschen

Images source: deviantart.com

Airsoft team


Image source: Devil Boys Airsoft Team


  1. Cool photos! Like the first one. Nice capture. Thanks for sharing this one.

  2. icanttelll says:

    these are pretty good pics!

  3. 1/8 Marines Reenactment Group Member says:

    The photo by Kenji Akatsuki is a fake and does not belong to him.

    It is our property.

    Here is a comment that we have stated on his deviantart:

    “Hi there Kenji-Akatsuki.

    It’s a great photo, I have to admit and I would be even more happy to say that if only you were not a fraud and fake claiming that this photo is yours.

    It happens that I am an ex-member of this group on the photo. It’s a Polish USMC reenacting group “1/8 Marines – The Beirut Battalion”

    Moreover, the AT-4 ain’t custom made bro! Unbelievable, huh? How do I know? Because it’s my buddies and I had it in my hands. That’s a shocker, ain’t it?

    Some of my buddies here can’t stop laughting since they have seen this little fraud of yours 🙂 You are our true hero now.

    And here’s the best part:
    If you don’t want to sued for copyright infringement, remove this photo and post an apology.

    With no due respect,

    The “1/8 Marines ” reenactment group.”

  4. Mj König says:

    @1/8 Marines Reenactment Group Member – I apologize for this, I tried to give proper credit to each photo, but I had no way to know about that. As you requested, I removed the photo.

  5. brendan says:

    like the last one

  6. Cobra says:

    Wow, i think the 3th is the best!!

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