As anyone who has fallen in love with collecting airsoft guns can tell you, these things add up quickly. So many of us start with a simple spring gun and we tell ourselves that it will be fine for our purposes. Then you buy a spring upgrade. Then you buy a CO2 sidearm. Then you get a battery gun. Then you get a green gas rifle and you have been hooked for a long time. Well, let’s discuss how to extend the life of your guns so that you get the most out of them.Extend the life of your airsoft guns
Clean your guns regularly; both inside and out. After every game I suggest taking the small amount of time necessary to clean out your barrel at least. With many higher quality guns, you might be able to remove the barrel assembly and run a cleaning rod down its length. It takes a few minutes, can prevent jams and will save you a lot of headaches.

Store your guns someplace safe, cool, dry and secure. I know some people who will tell you to store your guns in a climate controlled environment, but I don’t think you need to take it quite that far. Storing your guns in improper conditions, extreme temperatures or humidity, can lower the lifespan of you gun as the plastic and rubber used in the construction may be adversely affected. I have a couple friends who keep their airsoft guns alongside their real guns in their gun safes. That will definitely do the job, but I would not run out right now and buy a gun safe unless you have actual guns to store and protect as well.

Speaking of plastic and rubber; don’t use any oils, sprays or lubrication that is not approved for use on airsoft guns. Even something as mundane as Vaseline can have a negative effect on the seals, wires and plastic components in your guns. It may not be readily apparent at first, but it won’t be long before you lose pressure, blow a seal or your gun starts acting funky.

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  1. Kevin, that statement was referring to plastic and rubber parts. Of course they are approved lubricating oils for the metal parts and approved silicone lubricants for metal and rubber.

    Just don’t use anything that comes handy, make sure it’s ok to use on your gun.

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