The long story about Echo1 E90 (P90) airsoft gun) made short:
Echo 1 E90 (P90) AEG Airsoft GunThe P90 airsoft gun is a very popular but fairly rare gun, previously only a few companies made it. Echo1 is known for taking good airsoft gun designs, and requesting a specific run of that design with upgrades. The upgrades on this one include 7 mm metal bushings and an upgraded hop up, so this is just begging for insane rate of fire upgrades. Performs fantastically, with lots of possible upgrades like barrel extensions, your choice of optics or sights, etc. Red dot sight is highly recommended, there are built in iron sights in the top rail.
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Package includes:
Echo 1 USA E90 AEG Airsoft Submachine Gun, Manual, 2 68 Round Low Capacity Magazines, 9.6v Battery and Charger.

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As always there are many different reasons why you might want to try investing in one of the many Airsoft P90’s, and the P90 Airsoft gun manufactured by Echo 1, known as E-90, seems to fit the bill. Before I get into that though, let’s have a look back at what exactly the P90 was made for. Originally this weapons was made for military or militia personnel who couldn’t carry standard weapons.
Usually they were vehicle operators that couldn’t just bring an M16 to bear at a moment’s notice, which didn’t really help when they were ambushed or needed to hit the dirt for some other reason. Out of this the P90 was born. This rifle was sleek, small, and could be brought to bear in a matter of seconds regardless of the conditions.

Now on to the P90 Airsoft gun created by Echo 1. This is great, no arguments whatsoever. It looks exactly like it’s real life counterpart, right down to the replica of the cocking handle, which is on both sides of the actual rifle. Though these don’t really work in the Airsoft gun, they do serve as a great aesthetic.

As for the rate of fire, you will find that it fires at about 900 rounds per minutes. It’s pretty high and doesn’t seem to wear down after repeated firing. The velocity is reasonably high, meaning it will be able to punch through just about anything assuming that your rifle has a full battery. The good news is that the inside parts are strong enough to handle these velocities, so you won’t need to replace the parts any time soon.

As far as upgrade parts the sky is the limit. There are rails on the side so you can feel free to mount a reflex or red dot scope. If you want you can mount a laser site or even a light. This rifle is highly customizable just like it’s real life counterpart. Truly this is one of the most realistic SMG imitations to come out of China so far. You won’t get anything much better than this, in fact one could go as far to say that it’s the best in the Echo 1 line of Airsoft guns.

One downside is that you will need to fill your magazines with a speed loader, and if you decide to lay down on the trigger you are likely going to empty your magazine in four seconds or less. This is good news for those who want to mow down a target quickly or just want to assassinate a group of coke cans in the shortest time possible.

This is a great weapon for anyone to own, especially if you crave for realistic Airsoft games. So if you’re interested, then go ahead and grab one, you’re not going to regret it in the least.

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Here is a video that shows you step-by-step how take down your E90 and properly maintain it.

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  1. Hey,just wondering if u can get back to me but how much bb’s does this p90 magizene hold i researched it but never found answer i heard roomers it holds 350-400.Please don’t say fps or that stuff because idk what it means.THANKS!

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